In rural SW Andoran an army of united Goblinoids begins sacking the few remote villages, led by an enormous Goblin King, Bayerlet — all with the additional resources of a High Priest of Abraxas and his Marilith proxy.

But Bayerlet’s army of Goblinoids isn’t attacking for the sake of bloodshed, loot, slaves or territory. With the guidance of the powerful cult of Abraxas they are stirring up tensions between Cheliax and Andoran, and covering up Cloning facilities for the dark cult, busily engineering Native Outsider monsters for a much more horrible army — for wars both here and in the depths of the Abyss.

Abraxas, Demon God of Forbidden Magic and Dark Alchemy, has joined in a conspiracy with Maglubiyet, Demon God of Goblinoids, for a vile purpose, affecting both the mortal realms on the Prime Material Plane, and the dark layers and politics of the Lower Planes.

The Abraxas Gambit

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