The Abraxas Gambit

(eh VEER weh Loo)

Chelaxian town.

A very Cheliaxian border town known for its wines, tomato-based meals, and olives, Ivirwylliw has recently become heavily armed with Hellknights in the streets and a Chelaxian army of roughly 1,000 soldiers a thousand yards west of the town.

Inarkiev (eh NAR kee Ev) the Gem merchant lives here.
Twice now he has helped the Sons of Carlsen teleport back to Andoran. The most recent time, after coming back from the Abyss, Inarkiev was visibly upset because he was afraid the Hellknights would see the Andorans enter his gem shop. The deal he made with the PCs was that two would stay behind and be part of an Illusion leaving his shop so that if the Hellknights were watching they’d see the PCs leave his shop (as opposed to enter and never come out). Then they could teleport back to Andoran.

Inarkiev is Pro-Cheliax and not at all an Andoran sympathizer.

Chimera Cove and Svetozar's Stronghold (& Falcon's Watch)

Chimera Cove is a tiny Andoran coastal village, recently abandoned by the few fisherfolk who lived there — including Daleron’s mother — after Svetozar’s forces captured and imprisoned them under his own stronghold a bit further west along the coast.

Targas the Werebear (friend of Silverlance & Aldrelle) lived in the area and helped the community. He also helped The Sons of Carlsen rescue them from Svetozar’s Stronghold.

(The survivors reluctantly agreed to relocate to Owlbear Ridge to rebuild their lives despite being fisherfolk (and Owlbear Ridge has no ocean from which to fish.)

News from General Dakovya is that, currently at Chimera Cove is a strong Andoran force under the command of Colonel Viera.

. . . .

Svetozar’s Stronghold was on a small island just off the coast and held dozens of undead sailors as well as Svetozar’s goblinoid soldiers. A huge, monstrous, tentacled creature guarded the prison underground where the folk of Chimera Cove were being help captive. Also held captive there was Alexandria Carlsen.

The Sons of Carlsen ransacked Svetozar’s Stronghold in their raid, gaining huge amounts of intelligence about the current assignments and whereabouts of many of the high ranking members of the Cult of Abraxas under Noetchah and his Marilith proxy, Ispexus Mary.

The Sons of Carlsen got an Adamantium door, too.

. . . .

Falcons Watch is an incredible geographical feature north of Svetozar’s Stronghold in the wilds — it is a massive Redwood tree, easily 350 feet high with a circumference the size of a mansion. It is in the center of a grove of two other giant Redwoods and the three TOWER over the rest of the (mostly) Pine & Oak forest. The center Redwwod is easiliy 150’ taller than the other two (which are still much taller than the Pines & oaks).

The Sons of Carlsen fled here after Svetozar was returning to his stronghold by ship as they finished raiding the island. (A wicked Fey creature lived here but may have been chased off by the heroes.)

Eddistone Point

The Sons of Carlsen killed Bayerlet here.

….Halfway between the new, wilderness trail that connects Rayburned to the Andoran city of Augustana, Eddistone Point is a vital strategic location. This small tower in the middle of a narrow pass in The Old Crystals Hills was built over 25 years ago during the infamous Goblinoid Wars and was being maintained by Edmund with the help of two Warriors (Alf & Clyde). The Witch, Delea the White, Shaador the Ranger, and Haril the Dwarf Fighter lived in the Old Crystals Hills and helped Edmund in times of need.

When Bayerlet’s Goblinoid army recently began their campaign in Andoran, Eddistone Point was a critical location to their plans. When the Andoran Militia, under command of Lt. Untala & Lt. Straffer, built small forts on either side of The Old Crystals Hills for the Augustana Trail — the Goblinoids massacred them.

And the Abraxian Cult did other things to them…

Unfortunately for all, the vile Abraxian Necromantic and Alchemical magic performed in Eddistone Point by the hideous Cult prevented the souls of Andoran Militia-Men from resting. They loitered as incorporeal zombies until The Sons of Carlsen routed the mercenaries that had taken the Tower and destroyed the Abraxian magics, allowing final rest for the Andoran souls.

….Later, the Cult of Abraxas returned in force, with a Goblinoid army personally led by Bayerlet. But the Witch, Delea the White, had employed her secret weapon, using a rare Planar Ally Scroll to gain temporary aid from a Planetar, who cast a Forbiddence spell protecting the tower from magical ingress.

The Sons of Carlsen arrived in the midst of the battle and killed Bayerlet, executing their greatest strike yet against the armies of Noetchah.

Currently, Eddistone Point is one of the strongest strongholds of the Andoran Militia, under the command of Half-Dwarf Cpt. Chogut. And Delea the White and her allies are here as well.

But who knows if the Abraxians are planning another strike against Eddistone Point?

The Valley of Snails

Near HULVIN (a tiny village of dissatisfied folks from Rayburned) the Goblin chief Agrand prepared to lead his Goblinoids against the harried refugees of Rayburned as they fled to a ruined fortress from the Goblinoid Wars (that ravaged the area 20 years ago).

Fortunately for the goodly folk, The Sons of Carlsen struck Agrand’s lair first and, after making allies with the Kenku (Hawk-headed folk) in the area, rescuing Jazzad the King of Boars from his curse of insanity, making friends with Rhonda Bron (leader of Hulvin), Ryan Tollocke (Hulvin’s Herbalist), and Brother Fulgrim (Hulvin’s Cleric of Cayden Cailean), and allowing their companion Daleron to be captured, routed Agrand and his Goblinoids — leaving The Valley of the Snails to be taken over by the Kenku as their new home.


Nolivari is a tiny Andoran village on the Cheliax border that, despite being a democracy, still holds to the Chelaxian tradition of noble titles — its elected ruler given the title “Prince.” Currently, Prince Corin, the elderly Paladin/ Aristocrat and his wife, Princess Teliva, are concerned that Chelaxian agents (likely from Ivirwylliw) have infiltrated his beleaguered community and incited Chelaxian sympathy. He is concerned that Nolivari may have a pro-Chelaxian revolution which, for the devil worshipers, usually means assassinations and political coups.

Nolivari had been under siege from Grakhirt’s Norkers for over a month with no help coming from interior Andoran, despite desperate pleas from the Druid Aldrelle, a friend of Nolivari. Eventually the Sons of Carlsen made it to Nolivari and destroyed Grakhirt’s Norker army — and their Abraxian Cloning facility being run by Mind Flayers (….who were also creating Githyanki servitors).

They also found Aldrelle’s dead body — killed by Grakhirt, though eventually the Druid was reincarnated (as an Elf).

Of note, it appeared that the Norkers at Grakhirt’s Lair were struggling with infighting and the Sons of Carlsen allowed one of these Norkers, Kargh, to escape.

More importantly, the Sons of Carlsen gathered their first real block of intelligence from Grakhirt’s lair after destroying both an incredibly powerful Mud-Elemental guardian AND an ancient, evil Mummy guardian of the Goblinoid crypts. And of course, for the second time saw an image of Grakhirt through a scrying pool.

Finally, lest I forget, The Sons of Carlsen were able to enact their vengeance upon the Halfling Werebat, Bogojulbov.


Nolivari is close to the Chelaxian border town of Ivirwylliw, where the Sons of Carlsen met the gem merchant, Inarkiev, who despite being pro-Cheliax , despises the Goblinoid threat and Abraxas.


The Sons of Carlsen traveled north of Rayburned to the tiny villages of Dovedale and Ashbourn by the famous DALEWOLD forest after hearing of the River Faerie, Unda’s, disappearance. The news came from two would-be heroes, Parcival & Petra (adopted siblings with both talent and ambition who had traveled down to Rayburned to seek aid).

The Sons of Carlsen met mischievous Seltyel the Talking Trout, and eventually rescued Unda from the Goblin Chief Gravelbeak by agreeing to kill Veshra the Quasit (whom they had fought before at The Valley of the Snails). Veshra had been taking power from Gravelbeak and using his goblins to guard a newly built cloning complex — which the Sons of Carlsen destroyed after killing Veshra and rescuing Unda.

….The DALEWOLD is a famous, dangerous forest infamous for giant, aggressive spiders and other vile creatures. It opens to the infamous Goblin-Water Pond to its west. A famous Druid once lived in the Dalewold and his great influence is still felt today, ages later, through Silverlance, TreeAnt, Seltyel and many others.

DOVEDALE is known for two things, its famous ale and incredible roses.

The Abraxas Gambit

The children of POW General Jon Carlsen, pacifist innkeeper from the tiny fishing village of Rayburned in SW Andoran, have done much to gather information on The Abraxas Gambit, and have executed several strikes against it as well.

The village Mayor, Colonel Svetozar, betrayed Rayburned, allowing the Goblinoids under Goblin King, Bayerlet, to sack it.

This was after the Halfling Werebat, Bogojulbov (Bah GO yoo Buv), infiltrated the village and began a series of mass murders that included Jon Carlsen’s sister & mother (a discovered Wizard), Dock-Master Captain Gideon Stahlberg’s young son (Daleron’s uncle), and Paladin of Torm, Major Ildar Ibragimov (who was Resurrected thanks to Sheriff Akiba Rubinstein — also a Major).

Eventually the Sons of Carlsen were able to enact vengeance on Bogojulbov outside of Nolivari at Grakhirt’s Lair.

But Bayerlet’s Goblinoids, Bogojulbov’s serial killings and Svetozar’s betrayal are just minor symptoms of a much more horrible emergency:

Noetchah, a High Priest of the Demon God, Abraxas, and his Marilith proxy, Ispexus Mary, have joined forces in the Abyss with the Demon God of Goblinoids, Maglubiyet, to create clones of vile monsters on The Material Plane for a war in the Abyss against the Demon God of Gnolls, Yeenoghu.

But whatever grand conspiracy lies in the depths of the Lower Planes, the repercussions of these hideous monsters and the Cult of Abraxas and Maglubiyet in Andoran will be utterly devastating, unless the powers of Good risk everything to stop them!


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