The Abraxas Gambit

Chimera Cove and Svetozar's Stronghold (& Falcon's Watch)

Chimera Cove is a tiny Andoran coastal village, recently abandoned by the few fisherfolk who lived there — including Daleron’s mother — after Svetozar’s forces captured and imprisoned them under his own stronghold a bit further west along the coast.

Targas the Werebear (friend of Silverlance & Aldrelle) lived in the area and helped the community. He also helped The Sons of Carlsen rescue them from Svetozar’s Stronghold.

(The survivors reluctantly agreed to relocate to Owlbear Ridge to rebuild their lives despite being fisherfolk (and Owlbear Ridge has no ocean from which to fish.)

News from General Dakovya is that, currently at Chimera Cove is a strong Andoran force under the command of Colonel Viera.

. . . .

Svetozar’s Stronghold was on a small island just off the coast and held dozens of undead sailors as well as Svetozar’s goblinoid soldiers. A huge, monstrous, tentacled creature guarded the prison underground where the folk of Chimera Cove were being help captive. Also held captive there was Alexandria Carlsen.

The Sons of Carlsen ransacked Svetozar’s Stronghold in their raid, gaining huge amounts of intelligence about the current assignments and whereabouts of many of the high ranking members of the Cult of Abraxas under Noetchah and his Marilith proxy, Ispexus Mary.

The Sons of Carlsen got an Adamantium door, too.

. . . .

Falcons Watch is an incredible geographical feature north of Svetozar’s Stronghold in the wilds — it is a massive Redwood tree, easily 350 feet high with a circumference the size of a mansion. It is in the center of a grove of two other giant Redwoods and the three TOWER over the rest of the (mostly) Pine & Oak forest. The center Redwwod is easiliy 150’ taller than the other two (which are still much taller than the Pines & oaks).

The Sons of Carlsen fled here after Svetozar was returning to his stronghold by ship as they finished raiding the island. (A wicked Fey creature lived here but may have been chased off by the heroes.)



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