The Abraxas Gambit


The Sons of Carlsen traveled north of Rayburned to the tiny villages of Dovedale and Ashbourn by the famous DALEWOLD forest after hearing of the River Faerie, Unda’s, disappearance. The news came from two would-be heroes, Parcival & Petra (adopted siblings with both talent and ambition who had traveled down to Rayburned to seek aid).

The Sons of Carlsen met mischievous Seltyel the Talking Trout, and eventually rescued Unda from the Goblin Chief Gravelbeak by agreeing to kill Veshra the Quasit (whom they had fought before at The Valley of the Snails). Veshra had been taking power from Gravelbeak and using his goblins to guard a newly built cloning complex — which the Sons of Carlsen destroyed after killing Veshra and rescuing Unda.

….The DALEWOLD is a famous, dangerous forest infamous for giant, aggressive spiders and other vile creatures. It opens to the infamous Goblin-Water Pond to its west. A famous Druid once lived in the Dalewold and his great influence is still felt today, ages later, through Silverlance, TreeAnt, Seltyel and many others.

DOVEDALE is known for two things, its famous ale and incredible roses.



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