The Abraxas Gambit

Eddistone Point

The Sons of Carlsen killed Bayerlet here.

….Halfway between the new, wilderness trail that connects Rayburned to the Andoran city of Augustana, Eddistone Point is a vital strategic location. This small tower in the middle of a narrow pass in The Old Crystals Hills was built over 25 years ago during the infamous Goblinoid Wars and was being maintained by Edmund with the help of two Warriors (Alf & Clyde). The Witch, Delea the White, Shaador the Ranger, and Haril the Dwarf Fighter lived in the Old Crystals Hills and helped Edmund in times of need.

When Bayerlet’s Goblinoid army recently began their campaign in Andoran, Eddistone Point was a critical location to their plans. When the Andoran Militia, under command of Lt. Untala & Lt. Straffer, built small forts on either side of The Old Crystals Hills for the Augustana Trail — the Goblinoids massacred them.

And the Abraxian Cult did other things to them…

Unfortunately for all, the vile Abraxian Necromantic and Alchemical magic performed in Eddistone Point by the hideous Cult prevented the souls of Andoran Militia-Men from resting. They loitered as incorporeal zombies until The Sons of Carlsen routed the mercenaries that had taken the Tower and destroyed the Abraxian magics, allowing final rest for the Andoran souls.

….Later, the Cult of Abraxas returned in force, with a Goblinoid army personally led by Bayerlet. But the Witch, Delea the White, had employed her secret weapon, using a rare Planar Ally Scroll to gain temporary aid from a Planetar, who cast a Forbiddence spell protecting the tower from magical ingress.

The Sons of Carlsen arrived in the midst of the battle and killed Bayerlet, executing their greatest strike yet against the armies of Noetchah.

Currently, Eddistone Point is one of the strongest strongholds of the Andoran Militia, under the command of Half-Dwarf Cpt. Chogut. And Delea the White and her allies are here as well.

But who knows if the Abraxians are planning another strike against Eddistone Point?



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