The Abraxas Gambit


(eh VEER weh Loo)

Chelaxian town.

A very Cheliaxian border town known for its wines, tomato-based meals, and olives, Ivirwylliw has recently become heavily armed with Hellknights in the streets and a Chelaxian army of roughly 1,000 soldiers a thousand yards west of the town.

Inarkiev (eh NAR kee Ev) the Gem merchant lives here.
Twice now he has helped the Sons of Carlsen teleport back to Andoran. The most recent time, after coming back from the Abyss, Inarkiev was visibly upset because he was afraid the Hellknights would see the Andorans enter his gem shop. The deal he made with the PCs was that two would stay behind and be part of an Illusion leaving his shop so that if the Hellknights were watching they’d see the PCs leave his shop (as opposed to enter and never come out). Then they could teleport back to Andoran.

Inarkiev is Pro-Cheliax and not at all an Andoran sympathizer.



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