The Abraxas Gambit


Nolivari is a tiny Andoran village on the Cheliax border that, despite being a democracy, still holds to the Chelaxian tradition of noble titles — its elected ruler given the title “Prince.” Currently, Prince Corin, the elderly Paladin/ Aristocrat and his wife, Princess Teliva, are concerned that Chelaxian agents (likely from Ivirwylliw) have infiltrated his beleaguered community and incited Chelaxian sympathy. He is concerned that Nolivari may have a pro-Chelaxian revolution which, for the devil worshipers, usually means assassinations and political coups.

Nolivari had been under siege from Grakhirt’s Norkers for over a month with no help coming from interior Andoran, despite desperate pleas from the Druid Aldrelle, a friend of Nolivari. Eventually the Sons of Carlsen made it to Nolivari and destroyed Grakhirt’s Norker army — and their Abraxian Cloning facility being run by Mind Flayers (….who were also creating Githyanki servitors).

They also found Aldrelle’s dead body — killed by Grakhirt, though eventually the Druid was reincarnated (as an Elf).

Of note, it appeared that the Norkers at Grakhirt’s Lair were struggling with infighting and the Sons of Carlsen allowed one of these Norkers, Kargh, to escape.

More importantly, the Sons of Carlsen gathered their first real block of intelligence from Grakhirt’s lair after destroying both an incredibly powerful Mud-Elemental guardian AND an ancient, evil Mummy guardian of the Goblinoid crypts. And of course, for the second time saw an image of Grakhirt through a scrying pool.

Finally, lest I forget, The Sons of Carlsen were able to enact their vengeance upon the Halfling Werebat, Bogojulbov.


Nolivari is close to the Chelaxian border town of Ivirwylliw, where the Sons of Carlsen met the gem merchant, Inarkiev, who despite being pro-Cheliax , despises the Goblinoid threat and Abraxas.



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