The Abraxas Gambit

The Valley of Snails

Near HULVIN (a tiny village of dissatisfied folks from Rayburned) the Goblin chief Agrand prepared to lead his Goblinoids against the harried refugees of Rayburned as they fled to a ruined fortress from the Goblinoid Wars (that ravaged the area 20 years ago).

Fortunately for the goodly folk, The Sons of Carlsen struck Agrand’s lair first and, after making allies with the Kenku (Hawk-headed folk) in the area, rescuing Jazzad the King of Boars from his curse of insanity, making friends with Rhonda Bron (leader of Hulvin), Ryan Tollocke (Hulvin’s Herbalist), and Brother Fulgrim (Hulvin’s Cleric of Cayden Cailean), and allowing their companion Daleron to be captured, routed Agrand and his Goblinoids — leaving The Valley of the Snails to be taken over by the Kenku as their new home.



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