Evil NPC followers of Abraxas & Maglubiyet (HIGH Ranking)

Noetchah, Bayerlet, Grakhirt, Kasimdzhanov, Lord Umbra, etc.


High Priest of Abraxas

Ispexus Mary (Marilith — Ftr/Clr)
(Currently commanding from the “prison isle” just south of the eastern Cheliax coast)
(Human Illusionist from Ivirwilliw in Cheliax; father of Grakhirt, former ruler of the Assassin’s Guild)

Lord Umbra
(originally from Pangolais in the Uskwood)

Hansel Yemelin
(female Yuan Ti from the Mwangi Expanse)

(Neogi from the Planar Metropolis, SIGIL)

(Human Ftr from Rayburned, former Mayor & Andoran Colonel)

(a twin or clone or “something” of Svetozar)

Nights’ Mind
(Mind Flayer Psion)

Arvola Azrinae
(female Drow Noble of House Azrinae in the Underdark, a powerful wizard-clan of Drow who worship Abraxas)

Bayerlet ++DEAD
(huge Goblin King {gestalt Ftr-Bbn} who commanded all the Goblinoid armies and was cursed by a Demon Lord, forcing him to use his resources to kill the Unicorn, Silverlance, and steal his Alicorn)

(Human Arcane caster & Assassin {gestalt}
-Son of Arham the illusionist of Ivirwylliw who ran the Assassin’s Guild
-Leader of the Norker forces that attacked the village of Nolivari
-Owned Scrying devices and distrusted the Halfling Werebat, Bogojulbov)

Topalov the Blue
(a Dragon from Andoran)

Kasimdzhanov …. (Ka zem ZAN ov)
(a Cambion grandson of the Demon God of Slaadi, Ygorl who does not worship the Slaad god of death
-is somehow connected with the Slaadi “boss” Alisher Usmanov and his lieutenant Marat Dzumaev in the Abyssal city of Broken Reach)

Blas Lugo
(Vampire who runs a key stronghold in the southern Aspodell Mountains near Hellknight Pass, just inside the Andoran border to Cheliax.)


Evil NPC followers of Abraxas & Maglubiyet (HIGH Ranking)

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