Evil NPC Followers of Abraxas & Maglubiyet (LOW Ranking)

Bogojulbov (Werebat), The Wemic, Agrand, Veshra, Akopian, Adebayor



Bogojulbov ….(bah GO yoo buv) ++DEAD
(Halfling Werebat assassin, spy & saboteur who killed Paladin Ildar Ibragimov, Jon Carlsen’s mother the secretive Wizard, Cpt. Gideon Stahlberg’s young son, and who later infiltrated Major Akiba Rubinstien’s (the Sheriff) fortress)
-Killed outside of Nolivari near Grakhirt’s Lair.

Veshra ++DEAD
(Vile Quasit who was in charge of bringing various Goblinoid leaders together under Bayerlet’s command.)
-First encountered in The Valley of the Snails w/ Goblin chief, Agrand.
-Killed in the village of Dovedale trying to command the Goblin Chief, Gravelbeak.

Agrand ++DEAD
(Goblin Chief at The Valley of the Snails who captured Daleron and kept him prisoner)
-Agrand was a Rogue-6
-_Killed …. (I forget where & when)

(Goblin Chief near the villages of Dovedale & Ashborne near The Dalewold forest)
-Desperately wanted to kill the talking trout, Seltiel so he kidnapped the water Nymph Unda, to stop a sacred spring from flowing, thus drying up Seltiel’s pond
-Made “deal” with the Sons of Carlsen to help destroy the Dalewold Cloning complex for Abraxas if they killed the Quasit, Veshra, who was bossing Gravelbeak and his goblin tribe
-Almost all of the Goblin activity under Gravelbeak was mere mischief

The Wemic
(a powerful Wemic (lion-bodied evil elf-fiend — centaur-like)
Often works with the Drow Wizard, Arvola Azrinae

Akopian (Works under Kasimdzhanov ; but not a Slaad)

(Half-Fiend from Dis in Hell)
(Plotting with The Wemic against N1)
(Supposedly gone to Lamashtu’s Egg)

Morozevich Has his own Daern’s Instant Fortress

Pavel ++DEAD (first “named” casualty for The Sons of Carlsen)


Ulintha ++DEAD (Agrand’s Witch-Doctor)

Hragtam ++DEAD (Grakhirt’s Norker Chief)

Polgar (a former Hellknight)

Adebayor _(serves Carniveanson)

Gata (serves Svetozar)

Yepes (Serves Hansel Yemelen)

(Bayerlet’s former Shaman, charged with curing his Curse and who prayed to Maglubiyet to bless Murgen’s Arrow (that killed Silverlance) and collect the Alicorn)

Murgen (Bayerlet’s champion — Archer, killed Silverlance w/ Maglubiyet-profaned arrow)

Garth (Goblin Chief)

Nork (Goblin Chief)

Amagarra (Bayerlet’s wife)

Scalf, Ungerd, Voro ++DEAD (Mercenaries hired to take Eddistone Point)

Hragtam, Krekal, Shum-Valka ++DEAD (Grakhirt’s Norker champions killed outside Nolivari)
Kargh (Grakhirt’s Norker Bbn champion who the Sons of Carlsen’s set free)


Evil NPC Followers of Abraxas & Maglubiyet (LOW Ranking)

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