NPC Militia Officers of Andoran (LOW Ranking)

Wilshere, OX, Zelalem


Lt Radjabov (Herbalist at Rayburned)

Lt Pendol (assigned to Cpt Chogut at Eddistone Point)

Lt Untala ++DEAD (killed after founding Untala near Eddistone Point)

Lt Straffer ++DEAD (killed after founding Strafferburg near Eddistone Point)

Lt Wilshere (19yr old prodigy) CG Ftr-5; Ran-1
Sometimes hot-headed and easily angered, Wilshere is known for his brilliant tactical ideas and understanding of combat. He is relatively short for such a promising fighter but shows great instinctive battle acumen and combat creativity. He is confident to the point of arrogance, sometimes, but still shows a great appreciation for experienced officers and a willingness for teamwork.
(Many small-team, important military assignments, including infiltrating Piren’s Bluff)

Lt OX (young prodigy, built like a short brick-house but very, very fast)

Lt Bacary ++DEAD (killed at Untala)

Lt Sagna ++DEAD (killed at Strafferburg)

Lt Ian Wright

Lt Rosicky (formerly retired)

Lt Bould (formerly retired)

Lt Olivier

Lt Laurent

Lt Koscielny

Lt Sol

Lt Adams

Lt Gallas

Lt Overmars

- – - -

Sgt. Zelalem (15 year old super prodigy)

Sgt. Calum

Sgt. Flamini (formerly retired)

Sgt. Gibbs

Sgt. Sanogo

Sgt. Serge

Sgt. Coquelin

Sgt. Welbeck

Sgt. Ospina


NPC Militia Officers of Andoran (LOW Ranking)

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