Evil NPC Monsters & Followers and Misc. Interested Observers

Alisher Usmanov, Gresil, Red Shroud, Marat Dzhumaev


Alisher Usmanov
VERY powerful Slaad-blooded Fiend in the Abyssal City of Broken Reach

Marat Dzhumaev
Slaad servant of Alisher Usmanov in Broken Reach with whom the Sons of Carlsen made a deal

Yug-Anark Gnoll Bbn-Clr of Yeenoghu
Karchoff Gnoll (allowed to flee from Goblins in Bayerlet’s Stronghold)

very evil and wicked-looking “girl-Fiend” who tried to recruit your Souls in Broken Reach

friendly Alu-Fiend, servant of Malcanthet who tried to make friends with the Sons of Carlsen as they left Broken Reach in the Abyss

famous and powerful Fiend SAGE dwelling on the First Layer of the Abyss, several hours journey from Broken Reach

Harpy servant of Yeenoghu who became trapped in an old silver mine by some Andoran heroes while she was trying to recruit the “mosquito-Vampire,” Lyman Frack and his Nocticula-worshiping Witch, Clorisa


Evil NPC Monsters & Followers and Misc. Interested Observers

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