The Demon Gods of the Abyss (and Hell)

Abraxas; Maglubiyet; Yeenoghu; etc.


Demon God of Dark Magic and Vile Alchemy
(recently joined in conspiracy with Maglubiyet)

Maglubiyet ….(Ma GLOO bee yet)
Demon God of Goblinoids — Warrior King of ALL Goblins
(currently at war with Yeenoghu)

Yeenoghu ….(YEE no goo)
Demon God of Gnolls
(currently at war with Maglubiyet)

Arch-Devil in Hell
(Recently negotiated with Abraxas (gave permission to Abraxas???) to hold Jon Carlsen prisoner in the burning Necropolis outside the City of Dis in Hell and “allowed”(?) the Abraxas / Maglubiyet Conspiracy referred to as The Abraxas Gambit.)

Demon Goddess of Violent Lust and Sex Abuse
….(Aaron Carlsen recently stopped her Succubus Cleric on the Moon above Andoran so she could not interfere with goings-on between the Goblinoids and the Sons of Carlsen.)
….(More recently, allies of Andoran killed one of Nocticula’s Witches, Clorisa, and her Vampire master, Lyman Frack, as they were being recruited by a Harpy servant of Yeenoghu named Duxora — who the Andoran allies let live, trapped in a mine.)

Demon Goddess of Succubi
(Matron-Mistress of Alu-Fiend Heather in the Abyssal city of Broken Reach. The powerful ruler of Broken Reach, Succubus Red Shroud, also serves Malcanthet.)

Demon Lord Unknown
(an unknown Demon of Plague & Pestilence Cursed Bayerlet the Goblin King, starting him on his search for the Alicorn of Silverlance the Unicorn. You do not *think it is Yeenoghu.)

Demon Lord of The Evil Wind;… Locusts, Famine, Drought
Ruler of The Air on the First Layer of the Abyss
(As yet it is unknown if Pazuzu is concerned with the Abraxas Gambit (war between Maglubiyet & Yeenoghu)

Demon God of Slaadi
(Called the Frog-God of Death)
(Grandfather of the Cambion, Kasimdzhanov, who serves Abraxas)
(As yet unknown if Ygorl is concerned with the Abraxas Gambit)

. . . . Other Demon Lords, you know, are also very interested in The Abraxas Gambit.

The Demon Gods of the Abyss (and Hell)

The Abraxas Gambit W_E_Ray